Monday, March 17, 2008

TeNSIon NYeeeee!

I AM SO F@(|

Sunday, March 16, 2008

F1 FeVEr

he will forever be my one and only F1 driver...huhu,my kandaku....(tak jumpa lak mag F1 ker yg leh edit pic senirik..hehe.this is the closest kot..bley la).talking about F1 race nie...the race already started today at Australian Grand Prix,Albert Park-Melbourne for F1 fever for my kandaku...sebelum start pulak demam AF yg bakal melanda Malaysia.His favourite F1 driver is kimi Raikkonen -adik kimi ku..hehe. and favourite team is McLaren.tapi, tahun ni looks like it dia mcm nak tuko team lak..ikut lah kandaku.

kandaku nie memang kaki kereta....bukan saje kereta..anything relates to engine or speed,u just name it...dr kereta ke motor ke kapal terbang even ship...kalo dah buka citer tu seme...syiok ler dia melayan hehe.even,my brothers pun if they got any problems with their car they will contact kandaku...askin where to get cheaper price for spareparts,what's d problems,kadang2 just to check whether the quotation given by the mechanic is reasonable.kereta yg dibeli pun tak pernah yg 1st hand...reason dia susah nanti nak modify,void lak pulak warranty nnt.masa zaman bercinta dulu pun....puas ler aku diheret...hehe mcm terpaksa lak ku suka...puas ler kami berdating kat workshop,pergi jalan2 kedai potong,in the same time i learn a lot about thing i dun mind with his interest ni bcoz kalo dia 'bikin' or touch up kereta idok ler huduh jadinye atau pun 'poyo' bak kata bro adiejin pakai sport rim bling2...hehe,kalo jadi mcm tu..idok ler aku tergamak nak naik kereta itew.

tapi...kesian kandaku skrang,since we have DQ & EA , dia dah kurang skit priority pd 'bini' pertama dia tu..hehe..yer lah,dia dulukan anak2 dulu... 'nanti ada duit lebey , i touch up lah blk bini i tu...'.Dulu kalo bini dia tu sakit skit jer...mak aiii...sampai tak titon mlm pk.

takperlah kandaku....ok lah gila kereta dr gila pompuan,alhamdulillah juga idok ler dia gile kete sampai menyusahkan isteri terchenta & family mcm org lain....i love u lah,kandaku!!

*******haVe a Nice daY,do come again,ya!*********

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

LaNNiveRsaire InVitenT,let's go to my twins nephew's bitrhday; continuity of d last we reached at my brother's hse in USJ,the makan2 already started.but,we didn't miss the cake cuttin ceremony.

so, as u can read the tittle it was ala2 french theme which reflects the idea taken from the cartoon movie 'Ratatouille'. *meet my twins nephew..lukman faris&malik firdaus. they r d unidentical twins. *fuuuuuuhhhhh.....eppyyy besdayyy tooo youuu......yummy,nice cheesecake.the boy in blue shirt is their maternal cousin,izmir celebratin his bday a day before.btw,my newphews' exact bday was on Feb..hehe kire DQ pun mcm diorg gak ler nanti,the party will be held a month after...kui kui.

*the decors & the usual,there's cupcakes.there's also ratatouille (the bday boys keep on askin their mommy to prepare the ratatouille exactly like the one from the's different from the link i put on-that one looks like d one my sis prepared -anyway,i likeeee it,delicious!), tanjine (morocon dish) both to be eaten with french loaf ,roti jala , kuih bakar ,fruits dip in chocs n kuih lepat-if not mistaken.
There's also some games ....

1) guess what's under the table cloth....after u 'raba' wat's inside then lariiii...grab the vege in the basket at the other end.the kids got confused when it's cucumber,carrot n eggplant.also between holland onion n tomato.
2) smell & guess.....this time they covered the eyes n smell it....lariiiiii to the other end,using the spoon dig up what's the rite smell (d stuff must b alwaiz in the spoon) ...ada belacan,cinnamon sticks , garlic , limau kasturi n not forgotten..huhu petai.2 my surprise, even the small kids managed to get the rite stuff...bagussss.
3) fill in d tumbler with water ....mcm biasalah....using the ladle to fill in the tumbler with water.

4) statue n dance while the music is on,stop-freeze urself when it's off..masa nie ade ler few people will kacau2, tease u in order to make u of my nephew-Adam merajuks coz masa dia tgh stagnant a boy handed him sweet...haha dia gi amik..kalah aaa..hehe terus majuk gi kat abi dia... 'abi...i loose...!'.tapi,yg paling syiok..ade ler minah cute dok dance2 dia gi buka seluar lak...aiyoooo...tu lah dia DQ....aiyooo,ni statue dance ler sayang ...bukan str*p dance lah...abis seme org gelakkan dia.huhu takper dance yg tu esok wat lah with ur own hubby nnt k..hehe.

*pic ni dianye 2nd attempt nak buka sluar lagi..yg da terbuka sluar tu tak sempat snap...haha,masa tu siap nk buka baju do d darndest things kan..heehe.
lastly, 5)musical chair....hehe,biasalah..kalo ade bday party takde musical chair tak sah ler namanye.

* the invitation card , the cd tu one of the party gift-party appreciation a compilation of french songs,P.ramlee orchestra songs,and other few relaxing songs.

*ni party gift @ party pack also ...the senduks cooking utensils tu mak2 ler yg kebas...hehe.the white papers tu consists of colouring pictures,maze,spot the missin spoons,mcm2 lah lagi related to the cartoon 'ratatouille'. yg penting ribbon nye purple karerrr...hehe.

* cadbury choc wrapped in customized wrapper.

* pictures of my family members.....

*chef d' sister, they made their own chef hat instead of the usual party hat for the party...nice kan.
since atok&nenek were the first guests to arrive,hence they're also the last to leave the party...hehe.we left the hse after maghrib....kakak dr penang pun dah sampai kat umah tu.when we reached our hse,akak &family dah siap mandi2 segala....DQ's cousin - kakak aisyah dok excited menunggu DQ balik......that's all for my beezie sunday.the bday party motivated me so much to plan a proper party for DQ...hehe baru ingat nak wat ala2 kadar jer..ihiks'.
*********haVe a Nice daY,do come again,ya!*********

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bz sUndaY....

last sunday was such a 'bz' sunday...(actually takde ler bz mana pun..hehe).i'm bz with few,bithday party n 'beezie' with the current hot topic-aper lagi election's results and also not forgettin i got a terrible short-breath!rasa mcm nak berjumpa dgn sakaratul maut masa tu. 3am det sunday while i was tryin to force my eyes to go to sleep,out of sudden felt like i had difficulty in breathin....uishhh,so i sat up, tried to have a deep breath..exhale-inhale.tak settle gak...minum air's gettin worse...batuks2 lak.this time round dah start ada wheezin sounds,makan gula2 huds@n tu...abissss....terus sesak nafas den!after almost 20mins strugglin to breathe,barulah kandaku tersedar (aiyaaa...kandaku kalu titon...gone terus..huhu).he made me a cup of mlo n keep on rubbin my back...ok lah skit.but the wheezin sounds still there,masa tu i hold DQ's hand n my eyes were on EA n my kandaku even dlm kesamaran lampu titonku.prayin hard that i will still have d chance to see my childs growin up and pursuin my dreams with kandaku in d same time beristghfar without fail.accordin to kandaku,i was fell asleep around 530am.....thanks to God,i'm still alive...when i woke up at 1030am.phewww...such a suspen moment for me,wat eva it's i'm glad that Lord granted me with that moment cause it's such a reminder for me that sooner or later i'll meet i ready yet??!be prepared!!

so...when i woke up,kandaku already bought some breakfast (alaaa yg atok belanja tu..hehe),siap mandikan atok and the best thing was bilik for our sis fr penang was ready(she called lastnite to inform abt her arrival tonite).kandaku siap mop,tukar cadar segala.TQ TQ kandaku...mwahhhhh!!kandaku also siap iron baju atok, baju n my tudung for the day...hehe,sayang sungguh dia kat aku..huhuhu!

by 1pm baru dpt make a move...tunggu nenek bersiapnye pasal,hehe biasalah she just can't decide what to wear..aiyaa.we have to send atok&nenek to my brother's hse 1st in USJ.then,off we go to attend the wedding in Marco Polo Restaurant,Jln Raja Chulan.
we managed to reach the place right before the brides' arrival...the roads were totally clear.

*the arrival of the bride&groom

*i was a bit frustrated..tot of havin chineese food....i've been told that only in hotel they will provide halal chineese,we just like attendin kenduri kawin 'mamak' hahaha...i guess the food came fr d nearest mamak restaurant .

aiyaaa..but the time kitorg abis makan..other tables baru masuk 2nd meal..uishh 6more meals to go...mcm2 ada,shark fin soup (slurrrppp..!),lobster,prawn,chicken,,pulut dlm daun..hehe my guessin,sweet porridge n deserts...ikutkan nak jer gi snap all the food but i was warned by kandaku not all people like to be captured when they're eating..ok,u rite dear.

*DQ before she started acting up...ishhh,geram tul!
* yammmmmmm senggg.....hehe chineese tea jer ler.

* sama tak kepala kami?? this guy has a 13mth old baby girl names damia also.

* EA yg kene dressed up ngan DQ

*on our queue nak balik dah....

* gift from the brides..some got calender.DVD compilation of their studio's pictures.
*hehe..this guy may looks serious n 'garang'...but he's d most helpful n nicest waiter even he's so hard to smile..hehe.

*this r our 'tapaw' fr d weddin..huhu,yg lain takmo so,i amik jer ler...byk giloss,bley wat stock mkn seminggu...haha.

ok...done with my 1st programme of the,my newphews'bday party...till next N3....hehe

*********haVe a Nice daY,do come again,ya!*********

pAngKah memANgkah

wahh..macam2 kisah dah desas-desus yg timbul selepas pilihanraya umum kali ini kan.....yg nyata keputusan dah diketahui....minggu ni pulak pasti semua menunggu keputusan saper jadi MB...sape jadi exco negeri....komen dr parti pembangkang...janji dr parti yang akan memerintah dan macam2 lagilah mengenai politik nie...aku dulu yg tak berapa mengikuti isu politik,tiba2 lak jadi berminat...hehe,thanks for my kandaku yg rajin menjawab soalan2 dr adindanye...kadang2 kandaku kata 'aiyaaa miss...ini soalan,itu bulak sekolah pun tau jawab' hehe...padan muka aku..keh keh.anyway,this time round i managed to be a good malaysian...for the 1st time i went out for voting.last time ikut kandaku balik penang,so tak dpt ler mengundi-tak terpk pun masa tu nak tukar tempat mengundi.this time round,kandaku pulak tak sempat nak tukar lokasi mengundi dia (ingatkan nak mengundi bersamaku di KL)...pelik gak,thn nie susah nak tgk kaunter2 SPR dibuka utk semakan ,penukaran dsb.

so,on the day 815am we're already on the way to my so called 'hometown'...BTR with my parents plus DQ dan EA yg kene kerahan tenaga bangun pagi that morning-thank God the kiddos tak cranky n grumpy det morning.we decided to sent atok n nenek 1st as we have 2groups of people to look after..hehe my two lil'rascals n my old parents.while atok was attended by the SPR's helper on his wheel chair,i have to pimpin nenek n in the same time main tarik2 tgn ngan DQ yg sibuk nak lari2 keliling sekolah itew....aiyaaa..sabo jerlah!atok n nenek were placed in saluran 1...i guess SPR dah arranged for warga emas for one,there's no queue n they also put few chairs for the elders to sit while waitin for their turn to do their 'pangkah'.all were done in just 5minutes....kandaku n EA pun tak sempat nak join kami sbb dok nak mencari parkin.namun hati ini sedikit kuciwa sebab tak dapat snap picture of atok n nenek memangkah,disebbkan abg polis tu kata tokleh...hehe sib baik aku tanya,kalo dak ade kene was my turn plak,risau gak bile tgk saluran5 kat sekolah ni panjang Q nye...maklumlah,ramai yg muda2 di saluran itu.harap at my place nnt tak ler sepjg itew.

since we need to go to other place after 'memangkah' session,kandaku already asked my brother to bring back my parents (all my brothers&the wives registered in the same place).we met him at the kedai makan n took our breakfeast.
*atok tgh pk...saper yg akan menang agaknye tu.nenek mkn lontong dgn penuh harapan....hehe

*ni my youngest elder bro...husband n wife pakai baju party pilihan..huhu.

*atok tgh tunggu kereta utk pulang.....*hehe,pic 'che T' ni saje je wat selingan....nampak kat parking.

next was my SMScSgor,sibuk jer kandaku menyakat aku kat sini....'@##@@ was ere...'.lerr...kita sikit pun tak terpk pasal mamat tu.sabor jer ler....hehe
*saluran7,sbb takde org,saluran 8 kat sebelah tu punya ler,penat gak sbb tingkat atas sekali-3rd floor. *kandaku yg kehausan....EA pun sibuk nak nenen bile nampak mommy...huhu
*suasana di dpn main entrance SMSS....seronok gak gi mengundi nie ek,terserempak ngan kwn2 lelaki masa sek ren agama rakyat ...hehe yg dulu comot,skrang kemain bergaya...yg dulu encem..mak aii..serabai,ada yg dah boroi..huhu,yg dah nak ala2 botak pun ada gak...ermm,dah dimkn usia katakan..hehe.

then....we went to the nearest stationary shop...hajat di hati nak survey few items for DQ's bday party preparation.malangnye...yg dicari tak jumpa,nyonya kedai tu lak ada skit hangin aritu..aiyaaa,wrong timing.

*DQ bersemangat patriotik di hari mengundi

*DQ yg kepenatan gara2 bgn awal arini...hehe,tu tgh mimpi mommy pangkah aper lah td agaknye...hehe

we reached home at 1230pm...teringat there was seabass fish yg my brother bagi,dgn malasnye..hehe terpaksa lah masak.

*nak cepat dan malasnye pasal...kite stim jer ler,senang campak2 jer kan.atok&nenek mmg suka bhgian,this one for them. *yg ni lak yg dah masak...terlebey stim...tomato lembik skit.nenek&atok makan sampai licin..tinggal tulang jer..itupun tak nampak dah macam kepala ikan..hehe. *telor dadar ni utk atok&nenek gak...sbb ada bawang n cili....kandaku nye yg kosong,aiyaaa kene 2X goreng ler.

*ni bhgian bawah-ekor ikan siakap masak pedas ala thai utk ku dan kandaku...kene goreng garing2 kalo tak kene komplen..hehe. * ini dia thai chili paste yg mmg jadi my favourite paste dr dulu kalo nak wat thai food...ape2 pun,masakn arini bgku mcm kureng skit aaa wpun atok&nenek n kandaku kata sodap...sbb nampla @ myk ikan ku kehabisan stock...

malamnye...kami tunggu keputusan pilihanraya sampai ke 1pg.yg kelakarnye,when i informed atok&nenek that itew sammy vellu sudah kalah jugak...diorg bersorak2 kegumbiraan...hehe,tak tau lah sbb ape kan...huhu.

tomorrow morning nye...atok siap bagi duit kat kandaku utk beli breakfast...atok belanja sbb gumbira dgn keputusan PU kali ini.then,siap suruh kandaku pecahkan duit to RM10 note sbb nak baya nazar katenye...maklumlah, 3 calon pilihan atok di KL menang kesemuanye, 'ayah nazar semlm nak bagi cucu-cucu ayah duit...kalo 1 menang RM1 each,2 menang Rm5,kalo 3 sekali RM10'.hehe...byk gak ler atok kene bayo nazar..sib baik tak campur ngan cucu2 yg di Aussie.

semoga Malaysia terus makmur dan dilindungi-Nya....pd mereka yg mendapat mandat utk memerintah,semoga kalian mengotakan janji yg diberi dan mentadbir dgn penuh keadilan serta jujur.Malaysia BoleH!!

*********haVe a Nice daY,do come again,ya!*********

Thursday, March 6, 2008

sHe's tWo! dearest lil'princess is tWO's her 1st 'best'day ever for being a mother last 2yrs,my 1st day embarkin myself into a whole new world as a mommy.....i love u so much my dearest cute&brilliant daughter DQ!!

for my lil'gurl who loves elmo
so much......

mommy dan daddy akan selalu mendoakan kejayaan yg cemerlang utk DQ,dunia akhirat.semoga Yg Maha Esa akan mempermudahkan segala urusanmu sayang....menjauhkan dirimu dr segala perkara yg lagha dan maksiat,mendekatkan mu ke jalan yg diredhai....dan yg utama agar anak mommy dan daddy nie berjaya sebagai khalifah dihiasi dirimu dgn sifat2 mahmudah dunia&akhirat.....mmmwaaahhhhhh...cayangggg dia!!

since we decided to host her birthday party next month together with DQ's favourite cousin SK,we bought muffette cupcakes fr's just a simple tiny-miny cuppies with purple+yellow karer (hehe,sis wiz said during our short meetin to collect the order 'ni mcm lebey pd mak jer yg excited nak celebrate..purple karer..' kui kui kui...yer lah tu KOT...haha).Actually,we wanted to invite DQ's cousins nearby....but then,since daddy can't confirmed to come back early this evenin..i just pun on hold first.Luckily,we didnt make the invitation yet...becoz kandaku was home after maghrib,on the way back it's rainin and by the time we reached home after pickin up the cuppies it was almost 10pm..aiyooo..kalo dak mau tertunggu2,it's just us mommy+daddy+"EA" singing the birthday song for the bday gurl...punyelah excited minah expected the candles blowin session kene repeat for few times...sibuk nak tiup lilin je sebenonye minah ni...hehe abis tiup sekali 'momore...momore,mommy....daddy..momore plishhhhh.....' sambil pointin at the candles.aiyaaa.....

sib baik gak kitorng jer yg ada..hehe,bukan per half of the cuppies DQ sorang jer yg mamam...sodap bona agak eh...few for atok n nenek,yg lebey mommy n dad ler yg makan.nenek pun bising kenapa tak ajak 'sedara-mara'..uishh,tu nnt ler nenek masa party next kire pre-party aaa..uishhh...kemain gitu.atok gave DQ rm1 as a was a 'burp'day nite for DQ.....dok mamammmm cuppies.
look at DQ....orang sibuk suh posing nak amik gambo,dia sibuk nak tiup lilin...hehe.....

*DQ few minutes after 'membuka tingkap' diperut mommy...hehe.3.15kg baby**last year celebration....hehe,with mommy n daddy jer gak...naik juling mata tgk lilin tu..huhu*

********haVe a Nice daY,do come again,ya!***********