Wednesday, January 30, 2008

his sweet talking

one fine evening,i left EA on the bed and ran quickly into the bathroom.done with my biz,walked out and saw EA with his curious face lookin at the laptop.(mind the laptop eh,hehe yup i'm using the desktop keyboard.the original keyboard 'weng'.save budget(erkkk,itupun pinjam gak fr my bro),jadilah..janji leh online...huhu~~!)

ermm..this is the thing that alwiz take my mom's attention.what so 'syiok' abt it,eh?!

ere she comes....mommy,why r u so amuse with this thing?

ler...told ya',tido dulu ler...mommy dah 'layannnn',lama lagi ler tu.nvmd,lemme sleep with this string to feel d aura...ZzzzZZzzzZ

uishhh...i can feel it this aaa bloggin,surfin...nice nice....

few minutes after that....

mommy,i'm awake already...u still 'layannnn''s ok,i got it long as i got my milk...i wont disturb u.

tq darling EA..hehe,mcm tu lah anak mommy.....moral of the story,dont let ur child play with the cable without any supervision.hehe...mcm EA takper..tu saje nak bagi dia feel..huhu~~!mutual understanding..baru senang nak 'layannnn'.

***************haVe a nice daY,do come again,ya!**************

p/s:due to the comments received..i just wanna inform that kanda ku was around masa i went to the fact,the cable tu kitrog yg adjust2 tuk amik gambo jer.EA berada dlm sepenuh pemerhatian along the process.anyway,thanks for all ur concern. :,)).semoga kita semua dijauhkan dr segala musibah.

Monday, January 28, 2008

aiSkRim iTeW

aiskrim potong..that was the first thing we saw as we entered the 'gergasi' hypermarket last few weeks.uishhh...apalagi,immediately went to the counter and grabbed those yummilicious ice cream.kanda ku picked the authentic kacang merah flavour and yam+coconut for me...i really enjoy yam ice cream coz its taste of 'lemak2' n the pepel karer itself..hehe.DQ laks as alwiz mencukai mommy and daddy nye aiskrim.EA jugak kene tunggu mommy makan dulu,proses2...dah jadi susu baru leh nenen..huhu~~!

well,this aiskrim potong reminds me of my childhood....we're allowed to have ice cream from the 'apek motor' once a month only.kire aiskrim tu dah cukup fancy abis aaa.but,when i went to school,i had ice cream for almost 3times per week for aiskrim potong.itupun masa naik bas until middle of my standard 4.lepas tu,ayah was the one who ferry me to school,tak bley lah beli lagi aiskrim potong dlm bas,including tak bley beli jajan kat luar pagar sekolah,as ayah was very punctual-keluar je dr pagar sek..his car will always there waiting..aiyaaa!.i prefer aiskrim potong coz of the taste and it takes longer time for me to finish it.yer lah,aiskrim potong kan keras...aduishh naik nyilu nak mengigitnye.the only flavours they have masa tu were only kacang merah n pandan.
not to forget,ais krim malaysia...(ishhh...wish i can prepare some of it..hehe leh tepek gambo kat sini).aiskrim malaysia nie lagi lah....u can make any flavour u
want...hehe,bukan per,just bancuh jer air dia,add in fruits@the paste....ikat ujung dia.voila...siap dah,freeze it in the fridge.bila nak makan,maka ternyonyot ler lah org mother used to sell it,dah seperti biasa it's me yg jadi buruh paksa membuatnye hehe.bila mak suh simpul jer aiskrim tu yg boring,nak senang simpul, aiskrim tu pendek lak nanti(kesian kat customer..hehe),bila nak make sure aiskrim pjg payah laknak simpul kalo dah cinonet jer plastik yg tinggal.the easiest time,bila mak suruh guna getah jer utk simpul.yehaa..sonang kojo den,tp kene beware gak coz kalo tak ikat properly,melehleh lak. yang tak tahannye,sometimes tak dpt kuar main coz mak suh jaga 'dapo'.boring tul,kalo dpt komisyen ok gak.hehe.memandangkan tak larat nak kene repeat d list of flavour of the day again n again,i made up a small board.gantung kat pintu dapo,katalah perasa milo dah abis,i jes flip on the 'habis' sign.since my mum tak pandai baca rumi (dia sekolah madrasah dulu),bila dtg angin malas nak layan customer yg dok memanggil tu i put on everything sold,the customer sure walk away jer bile,kantoi gak bile dtg budak2 kerdil tu memanggil,mak lak ada kat dapo...terpaksa lah attend diorg..seraya hati berkata 'apasala ler korang tak pandai membaca lagi'..hehe.
time paling syiok when the aiskrim 'pingpong'(name derived fr its box)arrived...some people called it aiskrim patah.aiskrim ni nak makan kene patahkan tgh2,i jes have to wait mak came back from chow kit,took the 'pingpong' box,arranged it in the freezer.settle keje.
come to think about all the food i had during my childhood surely makes me smile.with only 60cents for my pocket money daily,memang kene plan betul2 on what to spend.bila time tak cukup duit,kan ku korek tabung my brother.hehe he's good in money saving..lagipun idok ler tabung ku yg cepat ringan.but,at the end kantoi gak...teruk kene rotan..huhu~~!
aduishhh...all of sudden me craving for sengkuang potong with reddish cream topping+nuts+sugar lak(last 5yr adalah jumpa org jual kat lake garden...mak aii RM1 satu dah skrang,dulu 10-20sen jer)...ermmm,sagu dlm paper stick..ishh byk lagi lah makanan yg kadang2 tu merepek-repek time kecik2,what's ur 'chilhood cuisine'?

***********have a nice daY,do come again,ya!***********

Saturday, January 26, 2008



one late evening,DQ came back with kanda ku from my brother's house.i didnt go with them coz EA was fall she entered into my room,she quickly ran to me and hugged me with her big smile.she was trying to tell me something using her own language...hehe so cute!i grinned at 'kepochi' sweet little girl.but my eyes were focusing on the tv screen....watching a local talk show.since DQ was so excited mumbling about her visit to paklang's house...i realized and assured she met her favourite cousin 'aghah' (sarah) and my sister whom she calls 'ibu'.so,i asked her......

''DQ jumpa ibu ek,tadi?"

"ibuuuuu.....tikaTikujojoeyayeo ibuuuuu umahhhh"

"kak sarah ada tak?"

"aghahhhhh yeaaaaay!!aghahhhh yess yesss...noooo"

"ok....what about abg razin...ada tak?"

"ajin?!nanakkkk.....nanakk,ajin....umahhh" hehe....these two kiddos can't get along (DQ & razin) though razin is only 1yr older than DQ.

"datok ada?"

"daaaatokkkkk......ahyyTYjdandkahuei datok!" (my parents stay with my brother).

"ic....nenek plak,ada tak?"

spontaneously DQ replied "nenek tuuuuuu...." with her finger pointing at the tv screen.....

guess who's on the tv.......

hahahaha..... 'kak nita'.yup,i was watching her talk show 'ANITA' that's either DQ was trying to say that her nenek looks like anita sarawak (amboiii...kellass gitu nenek dia..stylo,hehe)or kak nita is old enuff to be called 'nenek' (disebalik ke'awetan' mudanya itu) or what ever is in her mind.well,what's your conclusion??


'busy' chattin n gossipin on YM with my fren,DQ approached me with intention to show me a photo.....

"mommy,mommy....." she grabbed my hand.

"iyyeee DQ....what sayang?" without looking at her.(hehe...sowwy ek sayang...mommy tgh syiook chattin)

"mommy,mommy....nie,datuk..datuk..."pointing at the photo.

"ok,datuk datuk k...."askin her to kiss the photo,still not lookin at her.

"mommmyyyyy....mommmyyy.....datukkkkkkkk" this time she shaked my hand hard.

"lerrrr.....anakku....atok mendenye sayang oiiii....hahaha"my eyes were finally lookin into the photo.this is the photo......

tu aaa smeagol yg tersengih tu dia kata datuk.keh keh DQ dearie..he's not even datuk...u can call him great great grandpa instead.this pic was taken during LOTR's exhibition at Singapore Science Center last 4 years.DQ pun takde lagi masa tu.

haVe a Nice come again,ya'!.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

oUTinG daY

Last Sunday.....
finally,we're out from get some fresh air, planned,we wanted to do our grocery routine.but,before that melencong-lencong skit dulu lah.

first stop,headed to jusC0 to buy a pyjama for DQ n some survey for EA's toys.mommy tried to get somethin for her own,but daddy said 'get what in d list 1st,k...' aiyaaa,since he's d minister of finance...ikut jer lah,uhuks'.

tak aci aaa,DQ dpt pyjama...then,main kat theme park jusC0 plus main this coin aeroplane...uwaaaa.tengok tu,dpt balloon lagi.

next,we dropped by at my friend's hse,Mrs A at Putrajaya.Terexcited sgt jumpa my old friend,terforgot lak nak snap picture.She's one of my best gal during my A-Level course.Our children,dua2 same age,differ by 1mth jer...but she has 2 heroes.her second boy's weight sama ngan EA gak masa lahir.... 4.2kg...hehe,normal delivery ok..huhu~~!before reached her hse,da terpk nak snap pic of those two babies...disebabkan sibuk bergossip seme lupa.She served us with hot tea and fried sweet potatoes cicah ngan chili ketchup.nice!

After maghrib,we made our move to Alamanda.......

before shoppin,kita makannnn dulu.....kanda ku ajak makan,pizza hut ler dinner for tonite.

daddy&DQ posing while waitin for d food..

'mommy....look at me,i'm hungry till i can feed 2spoons at one time...hehe'

kanda ku ordered butter rice with cheese....(in d same time,askin me to bake it at home...woyykeyy boss!)

this supreme pizza for kanda ku 'also' and for mommy.
DQ loves the mushroom soup..hehe,table manner mana anak ku..hehe.She ate the mushroom soup with the bread sticks.We got extra one bowl of soup for free,rezki rezki.DQ lah yg sakan makan.

'mommyyyyy...daddyyyyy...what abt me??'dun tell me,i jes need to sit on the stroller jer...ihiks' '

'help meee......i want to eat also......give me d pizza...or else i terkam u.....'

bila perut dah kenyang.....baru lah kanda ku senang hati nak gi shooooooppppin!hehe (baru senang nak bodek..hehe).baru nak singgah at Rej3ct shop,kanda ku said it again...'d list 1st' ,aiyoooo......So,MPH was the next stop.

DQ was really excited and enjoyed the visit to the bookstore.We spend almost 2hr there just to get her books....daddy pilih tu,mommy pilih yang ni,DQ nak yang tu dan yg ni jugak.Uishhh...fenin fenin,EA gak rilexx jer....tapi kadang2 berbunyi gak...'r we done?' hehe.

'mommy..mommy...yen yenn...' ermmm...nak naik train lah tu.ishh nampak jer tau minah,DQ again....naik Thomas coin train pulak.

At last,we arrived at our main destination....our grocery of the month..c4ref0ur.
We just started to collect stuff at the first row as we entered the hypermarket,DQ lak all of sudden tersengguk2,ngantuk.Alamaks!Sian DQ,since EA da occupied stroller,EA nye 'kangaroo' bag pun,terpaksa lah dia titon dlm trolley jer tak penuh lagi with barang2....hehe.

By the time we finished with our grocery....itew kedai pun almost closed.Maka,kami anak beranak pun terkedek2 bagai itik pulang 'malam'.....
these are the books we bought for DQ.We love the lift flap concept as much as DQ love it!
DQ can't wait for the next morning to read the books.Tapi,as alwiz...pilihan mommy gak yg best...hehe,it's the most expensive tau...takperlah,janji anak mommy suka..go Elmo go! (kiah....make sure ko practise baguih2 wat cake elmo tau...hehe...).

Moral of the story,mommy gak tak dapat ape2.....uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.uhuks'.kanda ku said...'u dapat per...tu penuh satu trolley..hehe..especially for ur department' kuang kuang kuang............. *******do come again,ya!*******

Sunday, January 20, 2008

orDinaRy SatuRdaY

ini lah menu utk ari ini...vege soup,ikan kembong masak tauchu....n menu wajib for kanda ku-telur dadar (takyah ler amik pic,sama jer kan...hehe)

sooooo.......yesterday was friday,today is saturday,tomorrow is sunday......a day after that is saturday was a boring day for me again...huhu~~.nothing special happened,besides my kanda ku not workin,so he's at home with us the whole day...doing some laundry and cooking,of coz lah kan.thought of baking kueh cara....which once again terbantut lagi.konon2,this evening thought of gardenin pun tak jadi jugak...haha~~..malassssnye.kenape ek?!jadinye...the whole evenin tersadai depan tv.we watched 'metro-starring eddie murphy',followed by 'flightplan-jodie foster'.the next movie,hehe forgot the tittle nite,watched d prime news and majalah3.after that,movie again 'eragon' and 'narnia'.huhu~~.....fenin2,satu ari dok mengadap tv...yang nyatanye....DQ tension coz this evening no cartoon for her...yehaaaaa....finally,we managed to conquer the tv...sorry ya my dear lil'princess.we went out for late supper at mamak.well,hopefully tomorrow will be a better day with a better story...bcoz tomorrow we're going to do our grocery routine and looking some books for DQ or perhaps toys for EA.for mommy takde ke daddy??!hehe...we wait and see tomorrow ,ok.*******do come again,ya'!*********

Friday, January 18, 2008

maCam-maCam adaaa.....

today...let's go by number.....

1) lastnite,masa mommy tgh berborak2 ngan daddy...DQ yg dok asyik main dgn toys dia tibe2 naik atas katil....seraya berkata...

'mommy...mommy....mommyyyy....look pappa...pappaa..'

this was actually,mende yg dia pegang...alphabet 'M'.....she's referring to McD.....wahhhhhh,mommy n dad were so touched n proud of u DQ dearest! you r so observance n clever...way to go DQ!moga DQ membesar bagai johan,cemerlang dunia akhirat..

2) due to my frustration coz at 4pm kene buka posa diatas sebab dijajah oleh 'bendera jepang'......i decided to cook fried rice for the day.....kensel seme plan...kueh cara especially.lucky,kanda ku memang hantu nasi goreng.......kalo hari2 masak ns goreng lagii dia suka...huhu~~ (sonang kojo den....)

3) ada ke patut....i asked kanda ku.....

'kanda,all d bills da kering...(coz d 'postoman' yg clever n rajin itew alwiz doesnt place our letters properly into the postbox....end up,bila ujan...basahh lerr...)

as always....he will ask me back...'erkk...bil ape yg dah kering....?'

aiyooo.....this hubby aaa 'the bills that u hang dlm store i tu ler.....on my round hanger tu' hoping that he will keep the bills away immediately.

'ooooooooOOooo....yg tu ek.let it's a new way of paying ur bills...once it's dry,it means ur bills are paid....' with his 'selamber' face.

Boleh ke mcm tu??can aaa like that??!aiyaaa....this fella aaa...nak marah pun ade,coz semak mata memandang jer....nak tergelak pun ade...wat eva it is...i luvvvv u lah kanda ku...tau takper,huhu~!!

4) it's EA's turn laks...... (my 'garienggg' boy....)

he's so 'kepochi' lately....making sounds,talking,mumbling,blabbering....n loves watching d TV...but not to b@rney..... hehe,everytime d purple dino appears on the screen his face will change,muka tergezuts,sometimes penyek jer muka coz takut kots.

'uishhh....ok,ok...posing posing....' 'alaaa....not too manylah, shy2 lah'

'ishhh....see,me shy2 already......,take deep breath..inhale...exhale.....'

'mommyyyyy....enuff lah...i really dun hv any idea wat more to pose lah...'

look at his lips...kalo dah sibuk berborak,senget-menget nanti..hehe.skrang pun pandai dah,d moment nampak camera ja...terus stagnant.There's one day,i was tryin to record his 'talkings' ..from afar...then,gettin nearer n nearer to him...once he saw me with d camera...instantly,smile n stand-still....ishhh....nak kene pakai hidden camera ini dearest 'kilo-kilo' baby.

************************do come again,ya!***************************

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

*bahana bloGgiNg*

"payah gak kalu dah kaki bloggin ni,ek...seme nak di snap nye"
itu lah kata kanda ku tadi sebelum dinner...huhu~~.
"nak wat camner,before dis,u'r d one askin me to have my own blogkan...hehe".
for the time being,i have no interestin pic yet to share with in my blog....amik jer ler picture makanan nie.i'll attach something else kalo dah ada later on. i'm still fasting for today,still got no idea what to cook....teringat lak chicken cashew nut maklang,intai 2 dapur tengok ada seme d ingredients needed......masak lah.sodapppp resepi nie,kanda ku pun suka...apatah lagi DQ....bertambah dia makan.TQ maklang!!to compliment the chicken i prepared iced lemon tea....

p/s: tadi baru teringat,aritu Mama mai dr penang belikan bekas kueh cara....menarik gaks wat kuey cara kan....mana lagi best,yg manis tu ka atau berlauk?!

*******do come again,ya'!********

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

pulangLah saYangggg........

ke mana kah dikau pergi.....kau bukan yang pertama kanda ku bawa pulang ke rumah.bahkan kau yang ketiga...bukan ku tak betah berkongsi kasih kanda ku dgn mu...ku pasrah,jika itu kesukaan kanda ku....sudah lumrah alam sifat lelaki penyayang begitu, katanya.kalau lah ku tahu,pada hari itu kau sudah 2 hari tidak menjamah makanan dan tidak dibelai kanda ku,pastikan ku layan mu dengan mesra...tidakkan ku biarkan senduk kayu ku hinggap di tanganmu.....pulanglah buah hati kanda ku....kerna ku sudah penat menjawab soalan dari kanda ku setiap kali dia pulang dari kerja...."kiddy dah balik?".tolonggggggggg lah kiddyyyyyyyy...di manakah kau membawa hati yang rajuk itu...meeeooowwwwwww......

aduishhh...ini dah anak kucing yg ke-3 kanda ku bela.yang ini dia jumpa di pasar kiddy d 2nd nie dah gemuk skit selepas beberapa hari menetap dgn kami.ikutkan hati,memang aku tak kuasa nak membela kucing,maklumlah nak uruskan 'kumbahan'nya satu hal.tapi,disebabkan kanda ku memanggggg suka pada haiwan..ikutkan aje.tak rugi pun berkasih sayang dgn haiwan macam nie katanya.

masih ku ingat,dulu2 waktu keluar dating....di tempat makan,tanpa di panggil....ade jer kucing yg datang meleseh kat kaki kanda ku...kadang2 sampai 2-3 ekor.sekarang bila dah hidup bersama,sekian lama kanda ku minta nak membela kucing...ku relakan.dua ekor anak kucing yang lalu pun sama jua keadaannya.....anak kucing jalanan,kurus kering,ekor nya panjang....manja,muka cantik...penakut skit.tapi,bila dah besar...gemuk,tup tup....hilang ntah kemana.

yang pertama kami panggil kiddy,oren bulunya.di hari kami belikan 'colar tag' untuknya..dia hilang.yg kedua kami panggil montie,berbulu putih bertompok kelabu.dia yang paling manja dan patuh pada arahan....dia juga kiddy d 2nd,berbulu kelabu bertompok coklat.hilang di hari aku nak ambil gambar dia untuk di masukkan ke dalam blog ku ini...hahahaha.aku ingatkan nak letak N3 pasal binatang peliharaan kandaku...aiseyyyyy,dah hilang satu material..hehe.

kasihan kanda ku......mana lak pulak dia nak cari pengganti kiddy d 2nd nie.ini pun nasib baik dia ada tender nak buat,kalo dak dia nak ajak aku pusing2 malam tadi cari si kiddy d 2nd.itu lah yang dia kata sebaik dia tiba dari pejabat selepas bertanyakan 'kiddy dah balik.....................?"
************do come again,ya'!*************

Monday, January 14, 2008

monday blues

it was a flat weekend for me.....late evening on saturday,i got headache,felt like having fever...came joints ached...aduishhh,felt like the whole body 'masuk angin' as if i'm in confinement period.since the sore throat already visited me...i really didnt have any appetite to eat .went to bed with my 'kriiot' stomach dreaming abt maklang 's dinner and kak elle 's porridge.

as for my sunday,just layparking at was a gloomy sunday...rain 'kucings dan anjings' hehe.That evening,went out to Bangi (arghhh...finally,out from the house) to fetch my sister and her kiddos at Equatorial Bangi.My brother has a seminar for few days with a spacious room for him alone,so the kids melepak sana..nak swimming sebenar2nye tu..huhu~~!We thought of bringing DQ & EA for swimming too but the weather was not on our side.

Anyway.....i couldnt sleep last nite....arghhhhhhh...why body ached,my eyes so heavy,my head dizzy.I tried and forced myself to sleep......waduhhh enggak mau titon gak.then,decided to do some surfing and blogging hehe...Kanda ku lak,asyik mengigau lastnite.The best part,whlist reading sis simah 's blog bertemankan lampu tido jer... i heard there's sound like someone was whistling at me..goose bump...but,when i listened to it carefully..haha,rupernye it was fr imeem blog sis simah...dun worry be happy.cess...gabra sat tadi.hehe.after,subuh baru lah dapat beradu ngan damainye.....ZZzzZZzzzzz.

Monday..MonDay....garfield hates monday.hehe...kenapa ek,come monday seme mood mcm blur kejap.For me,this monday pun blur gak bcoz my joints still sakit..sengal2 lagi.Tambah lak semlm tokleh tido and today puasa ganti.Sebulan beb nak kene ganti...aduishh,i was in confinement period last october,gave birth to EA.Ingatkan nak makan luar jer dinner,tapi kanda called kata dia tokleh balik macam biasa,bini pertama dia "kete" wat hal.So,have to wait after peak hour.Aiyooo....camner ni nak buka posa.badan tak sihat,kepala fenin2.Blank sat......

Nak taknak.....lepas solat asar,kuatkan semangat masuk dapo.Kuarkan ikan tenggiri to defrost,veges,amik shallots,garlics,onion,ginger.baru nak kopek the bawangs kepala makin hands shivered.Tak bley jadi....went up to lay down on the bed.Sian DQ,she ate breads and biscuits jer the whole day.

Masuk jer waktu maghrib,dengan mengigil2nye bancuh nescafe susu...jamah kurma and cicah biskut kering Hup Seng.Alhamdulillah....dapatlah tenaga skit.

When i was performing my solat maghrib,kanda was back already.After solat,terus masuk dapo..bersilat.huhu~~masa nak menumbuk the chillie paste tu..bisanye rasa tgn,joints nie.....tengah syiok2 bersilat tu EA laks panggey nak nenen.45mins later,baru lah dpt menjamah makanan itew....alhamdulillah.

hopefully,i will regain my energy to the fullest tomorrow.Sian,anak2ku....takde aktiviti nanti.

how's ur monday??

inilah dia tenggiri berlado ku..hehe,tgk tu cili ditumbuk pun tak lumat sgt,nak blend tak syiok,gagahkan jua tumbuk.tak nampak sgt ikan tenggiri nye...i loveeeee sambal.

ini laks telur dadar kosong 'solely' for wajib dia
ini laks kacang buncis 'solely' for me,kanda ku tak mkn veges...allergic katenye..haha.As for DQ makan 'ashik' dgn ikan tenggiri goreng jer,dia kalo letak lauk lebey dr satu...terus potong selera nanti.Esok,thought of cooking vege soup for her.
woykey,time's up.have to wake my kanda up....needs to do some paperworks katenye.DQ pun dah selamat berlayar mcm EA gak.
do come again,ya'!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

jalan jalan cari pasal......?!cari makan daaa.....

Usually,every friday memang hari tak memasak bg ku...coz ade pasar,after maghrib we went to my bro's hse to run some errands.Around 9pm,maka kami anak beranak vroooomm ke pasar mlm.Tapi,selera kami macam takde yg kene....yg terbeli hanyalah bawang kecik,some herbs,anchovies yg dah dikopek (hehe...maleh den nak ngopek eh,kocik bona!),sos tiram n penyangkut baju.Masuk dlm kete antique ku,aku pandang kanda ku,dia pandang adindanye...ahaks'.Sort of telepathy,masing2 bertanya nak makan per.......?!

Since tadi baca blog Cat Cat about curry laksa,teriingin nak makan tu tapi,sini tarak juai itu style nye curry laksa...chineese style...nak gi kelana jaya dah lewat so,yang terpk dlm kepala nie hanyalah McDonald.Itu pun sebab si kakak-Damia Qaisarah pakai T logo McD...hehe.DQ pun dah baper arinie keep on askin for 'papa' (dia ikut McD nye commercial yg lepas...lagu Paparappa paaaaaaaa...i'm loving it!tu yg dia sebut 'papa' jer 4 McD).kire dia lah yg untung coz hajat dia dah tertunai.

Vrooooommmmmmmm.........sampailah we all at the nearest McDonald.Dpt seat pun tempat yg sama,the one exactly near to the entrance n in front of the counter.

Kanda bought for me beef prosperity burger set (mmg everytime CNY promotn,aku tunggu burger nie!yummy!!) and McChicken set for himself.As for DQ mcm biasalahhh....Happy Meal nugget set with soya drink.Eusoff Ammar laks,tunggu lah mommy makan dulu..proses2...rasalah bila dah jadi nenen....ihiks'.Prosperity burger mlm nie tak sedap sgt coz black pepper sauce dia tak banyak and the onion pun kurang gak...potong mood betul!

After our dinner,ingatkan nak balik jer terus.But,kanda said it's still early and lets do our favourite activity....roamin n wanderin around,explorin new roads and places.


So,tonite we tried new highway from seri kembangan to balakong,then masuk Sg Besi-semenyih link (rm1 toll).Exit at kajang perdana for fuel,yg bestnye masa kat petrol pump tadi,there's one indian guy askin for direction.Huhu~~ aku ngan 'kondifennye' showed him d direction...hehe padahal aku baru jer tau tempat tu and baru jer lalu tadi.Kalo dia tak jumpa gak,tak tau lah...signboard terpampang kat tepi jln tu.Sorry aaa anne.Then we pursued our journey thru kajang-putrajaya link (rm2-toll) balik terus ke rumah ikut jalan belakang.....when we reached home it's almost 1145pm...DQ pun dah tertido n EA laks baru bangun tersengih2 dlm baby carrier tu.

Itulah perjalanan hidup ku untuk arinie.....aiyoooo,bangun laks DQ tu...siap suh kite amik pic dia laks......EA pun dah panggey minta bekalan utk titon.

ini dia DQ yg bangun2 minta snap pic dia.....pehtu terus wat cake...aduishhhh musyukkk aaaa~~ ini lak EA yang happy tengok kilang nenen dia sudah berada di depan mata,nak bekalan wat tido ler tu...hehe.

Selamat berhujung minggu....have A nice WeeknD.....Do come again,ya'!

Friday, January 11, 2008

opsss....tersasul pulak.

early in d morning,while my kanda was busy replyin his emails before leavin for work.....

"kanda,my 'brake' pad's stock is runnin low..."

with his weird face..."erkkk...i jes changed ur car 'brake pads' last month...what do u mean by it's runnin low??"

"lerr....maksudnye dah nak abis ler...." in the same time,me kinda curious why is he talkin abt my car....

"'s a brand new 'brake' pads lah dinda "

"opsss,sorry kanda...did i say 'brake' pads jes now?ihiks'...sorry,what i mean is 'breast' pad'..huhu~~"

my kanda said those two things sound similar but it's totally a different material n shapes.

kuang kuang kuang....well,sometimes ur mouth doesnt sync with what u have in ur mind...hehe.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


well,nothing much to talk about for today.....early in the morning i went to pasar borong with my brother n sister,free ride & parking fee with them hehe.macam biasalah,cuti jer ramailah orang di pasar tu and also rege it's a bit list will be d same chicken,meat,ikan 2-3types,sotong n few sister ada tunjuk gak lala,rasa mcm nak beli but then pk2 it will be me alone eatin it..later2 beli,maybe weekend bley angkut ke umah my brother..masak mcm uptown damansaranye style...yummy!!next stop,pasar kering.amik bawang,potatoes,tenggiri masin,itu ini sambil mata dok menjeling tengok stock minyak...ok jer,takde ler terputus bekalan mcm yg diwar2kan.

sampai umah bermulalah kerje2 menyiang segala...aduishh,nie yg boring kalo g pasar borong,ikan kecik tokleh siang.kalo gi kedai runcit tu...hehe sampaikan ikan selar kunin yg cinonet tu pun aku suh dia siangkan siap2...huhu~~

menu of the day...nasi lemak with sambal sardin..yehaa,sempoi...itu la order dr kanda ku for today.

since kanda ku kata nasi lemak for today nak extra lemak...maka,petang kami anak beranak terbongkang depan tv hehe....kene lak kanda ku bancuhkan horlick ice satu jug...perghhh,gendang gendut tali kecapi....perut kenyang terus lali..titon.
*******salam maal hijrah for all********
do come again ya' :,)

my own last,ihiks*!

it's kinda a gift for my hubby on our 4th anniversary (after a long urged askin me to create my own blog)....i decided to launch this blog on awal muharam since we got married on 22022004 of 1st Muharram 1425.So,here i am...still learnin n tryin to set up my own blog....waduuhhh...bley tahan menguji minda nak wat mende2 IT nie...hehe.
luv u,kanda....winks*...semoga kasih sayang diantara kite bertambah dan berkekalan;berlandaskan keimanan kepada-Nya.Together we'll endure this life with our kiddos...DQ&EA!
well,to all........welcome to my blog.........