Friday, May 6, 2011

kEMbaLi JUa....

-pix fr last,after it has been abandoned for almost 15mths...finally,im back!!miss my blog sooo much :) is true,one of the reason would be the 'efbie' syndrome..hehe..and the rest of it should be obviously,having my 3rd child EZ-phewwhhh having 3 growing kids is really a big thing,but im enjoying it,facing few stories of life,enduring the up n down,not forgetting moving into our own home sweet home,etc.
talking abt 'efbie',at first im sooo not into it....not until my kandaku silently opened an acct for me,hehe (he's tired of sharing his acct with me kot :) coz when people ask 'do u hv fb?yup,i do..put it udr my hubby's acct...lalalala :P )
i simply ignored my own new acct for few the end i hv to surrender myself n learn abt it when mostly everybody fr blogsphere was became interesting to hv my dear bloggers there n d obsession addicted hokay...hehe
but,today...i decided to reopen my blog as it's here where i got to know all of my great friends-sisters-brothers-crafters a.k.a happening bloggers.hope it wont be just 'hangat2 tahi ayem' hehe.{ouchhh....ive forgotten how to operate d blog plus with new thingy here n there...otakku kaputtt..hehe}
im also thinking of restricting my blog fr public....ermmm,should i shouldnt i eh?
one thing for sure.....IM BACK!!

*************have a NiCe day,do come again,ya!*************


aNIe said...

Selamat kembali Tulip... dan Selamat Hari Ibu buat Tulip...

Jangan hot2 chicken shit tau...heheeh

tulipurple said...

tq kak anie....:D
nie mcm nak tertepek blk ni chicken shit...haha,tak idea lah nak mengetuk papan kekunci nie..hihi.

FaAtip said...

yuhuuuuuuuu!!!!! cepat hapdet!

tulipurple said...

lorrr....ilang udah comments yg direplied n komeng cikgu overhaul habis seme lang..hihi